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There are several benefits to switching to a golf cart lithium battery system, and with our turn-key replacement system, you can convert your golf cart from lead-acid to lithium batteries in less than 1 hour. RoyPow lithium batteries come with a 5-year warranty.

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Lead-acid batteries are the standard in almost every golf cart, the most common type being flooded lead-acid, meaning that you fill them with water. They are also filled with multiple gases and chemicals, and one of the potential dangers that come with these batteries is the possibility of the gases inside causing an explosion. A RoyPow lithium battery has multiple built-in safety measures, such as fire detection systems, water spray systems, flammable volatile monitoring and alarms, battery box warnings and protections, battery operating situation monitoring, and anti-collision, along with many other active safety systems.

With a RoyPow lithium battery, you can save up to 70% in expenditures over a period of five years. In five years, you will only need to purchase one RoyPow lithium battery, whereas with a regular lead-acid battery, you will likely need to replace it multiple times over that five-year period. Replacing these lead-acid batteries also comes with the cost of having them installed, while a lithium battery will last you up to ten years. A lead-acid battery also has a cycle life of only about 500 times, while a RoyPow lithium battery is guaranteed a cycle life of at least 3,500.

A RoyPow golf cart lithium battery can quick-charge to 80% in just 1 hour, and fully charge to 100% in just 5 hours. A standard lead-acid battery takes about 12 hours to fully charge, and will need to be charged every day after using. A lithium battery holds a charge much longer, about 8 months after being fully charged. In addition, one of the dangers of lead-acid batteries is the harmful chemicals that they are made with. When plugging in a golf cart with lead-acid batteries, toxic fumes may come off the batteries, and build-up under the seat can be extremely dangerous. Lifting up the seat can prevent this build-up, but the harmful fumes are still being released into the air. None of this is a worry with lithium batteries. They give off no fumes, eliminating the worry of hazardous lead evaporation.

RoyPow lithium batteries are also maintenance free, meaning that they do not require the regular water filling, terminal tightening, or cleaning of potentially harmful acid deposits that lead-acid batteries do.

RoyPow lithium batteries are about 300 pounds lighter than a standard lead-acid battery, not only making them easier to transport and install, but allowing the golf cart to carry more weight and reach higher speeds with much less effort.

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